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English Summary





Finland is located between Sweden and Russia, at 60 -> 70 N,

19 - > 32 E. Population 5.5 M, languages Finnish and Swedish ( 5% ).

You get by speaking English in most places.



With a GNP/Capita of 37.500 USD/Year we ranked next to GB in 2005.

We have space, 16 persons/sq km, 41 /sq.mile says we rank 201st

out of the 239 countries of the world.



Our club SKK, "Sipoon Kanoottiklubi" HQ is at 60 15 34 N, 25 14 17 E

by the Gulf of Finland, 25 km East of Helsinki, the Capital of Finland.

SKK had 288 members by the end of 2009.




We paddle for Fun and Recreation and welcome paddlers from

other countries.







In our logo some recognize a kayaker.


Finlands kayaking season begins with first open water.

By the Gulf of Finland, around May 1st.

With 1/3 of Finland North of the Arctic Circle in the North weeks later.


In Finland we have the "TALKO", a custom to invite friends for tasks

that requires many hands.


To connect to floating jetty to firm ground we have to move the

bridge from winter storage ( out of reach of the ice).

Calls for a TALKO.

Followed by good eats and drinks.



A small river, the "Sipoon joki" runs by our HQ.

The tradition to "uncork" the "Sipoon joki" says paddle some

25 Km ( 13 Nautical Miles ) along the river as soon it has

shed its ice.


The river is mostly placid, no drops of any classification,

but strainers and other obstacles add interest.

This year ( 2010 ) some participants flipped.

In a water with icefloes.


Over the years we have tried to help physically impaired

friends on the water.


Among our 280 memebers we find craftsmen of many


Glenn built a contraption to help kayakers with

impaired control of their legs into their kayaks.


Amazing thing - it worked.


During the warm season - say June 20 - to September 1

in the South, Finlands location above 60 North provides us

with daylight of more than 12 hours.

Longer days in the North.

At the same time the water temperature is bearable.


A boon to Finland is the "Everymans right", you are allowed

to camp almost anywhere.

Combined with some 60.000 lakes and about the same number of

islands along a 1300 Km ( 700 Nm ) coast from the Russian to the

Swedish border it's a pretty good country for kayakers.


In the summer of 2009 Tom and Tove paddled Finlands

South coast, some 575 km ( 310 Nm ).

Here Tove at sunset by their Marskaer Camp, on an uninhabited(?)

island roughly midway of the trip.




Freya Hoffmeister 2007 taught the Eskimo Roll in the Babyswim pool

we sometimes are allowed to use


Out of 43 pupils 42 learnt the Greenland Paddle Eskimo Roll in

a 1/2 hour lesson each.

Ravishing Freya is some teacher!



The one who failed was the know-it-all who refused to

quit trying the "hip-flick" he had on his brain.

Interested in kayaking in Finland?

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